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Dogs and cats deserve a wholesome raw meat diet

How Can I Help My Cat Eat More?

I have changed my cat over to natural food and he loves it and his problems went away almost immediately. I am feeding him a diet of ground meat with mixed with fresh veggies per your suggestion. However, he never seems satisfied — no matter how much I feed him. Any suggestions?

Jesse's Answer

Instead of feeding him ground meat, just feed him some meat chunks with no vegetables.

The meat chunks can be the size that he can easily swallow or slightly larger causing him to chew through the meat using his molars.

Always let your cat eat as much as he wants at every meal. In this way his body becomes nutritionally satiated. When his body is nutritionally satiated, then his body will reduce its food intake.

Cats and dogs have stomachs that are approximately 65% of their digestive system. So they can eat a large meal.

But what I would also do is this:

  1. Feed him some meat chunks — this allows him to eat more food faster than feeding ground meat.
  2. Put enough food onto the plate so he eats his food but make sure there is enough food added to the plate so after he walks away, there is still enough food for him to eat over the next hour, two or three — this way, he will walk back and eat some more food.
  3. While this seems like free feeding, it's not really. Free feeding is when he can eat at any time during the day. All we want to do is have enough food on the plate so he eats one large meal and then goes back for small amounts more over the next 2 or 3 hours. Many cats do this in nature — they kill their prey, eat a huge amount, then wait for some room in their stomach and then eat some more of their prey.

With meat chunks, it is difficult to add hot water to the meat and so instead, let the meat chunks sit on the counter top for about 1 hour to remove any chills from the meat — you may need to cover the meat so he doesn't eat it too soon!

But you may find that meat chunks will serve your cat better and adding enough food to the plate so he can eat over the next few hours will make a difference.

The major issue is that domesticated cats who are used to eating all the time are not always as fast to eat. This is because they know there will be food available every day. There is no urgency. But if you were feeding stray cats, then they will eat immediately, they will eat fast and they will eat until they can barely move — only because they are not used to have food every day.

I saw this behavior when I operated my cat sanctuary and even though I fed them every day, they still would eat as if it were their last meal — yet my domesticated cats would eat a good meal, but not with the same urgency.

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What Others Have Said

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The following are testimonials shown in random order. In addition to reading these testimonials, you may also want to read The Sick Pet Project.

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No More Doggie Odor


I read your book seven months ago and immediately started to use the diet you advocates for my three pets — two dogs and a cat. I have had only good results. There has been a marked increase in energy, especially in one dog who was sickly. Their teeth are now white and clean, which they were not previously, there is no more doggie odor. I had absolutely no problems with fleas this autumn, which is unusual. The animals have good appetites, their coats are shining, the dogs' noses are cool and moist whereas previously they were dry and hard. I have the highest regards for Jesse and consider him an extremely intelligent and enlightened young man.

— Mrs. Rousse

My Two Large Breed Rescues Are Now Doing Better


I have 2 large breed rescues, Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs – a male and female. I didn't choose them, they chose me. I said yes because the need was obvious and severe. This tells about the female.

I don't have much history on my girl, other than she was used for breeding (over breeding) and I am her 3rd and forever home. Fur began to shed at a time she should have been filling out for winter. I also noticed her skin got a very dark pigmented color and was very dry... as was her once soft fur. Blood tests indicated low thyroid so a prescription was given – .8 mg twice a day. That worked for about a year... until the same problems reared up again. Blood tests showed normal thyroid. I was sent home with no answers, a large bill, and sick dog. Belle's fur continued to fall out... really really bad – you could pull it out with a light touch – from her back high hip and moving forward. Her neck was also an area that showed extreme fur loss and dry pigmented skin. She was deteriorating FAST.

With no help from the vet, I started my online search for answers. Then I found your I ordered several supplements and began to change her diet. Feeding large breed dogs is not inexpensive (130 lb, 85 lb) and a raw food diet has been a fiscal challenge.

That said... I believe the supplements made a HUGE difference in Belle's health. At one point I thought I would have to put her down because she was deteriorating at an alarming rate. Things did not change quickly but they did improve. First the deterioration slowed (less fur falling out)... then it stopped (no fur falling out)... then I began seeing the signs of fur growing back.... first on the high hip... then moving forward.... then on the neck area (that skin is still very dry so growing back fur has been difficult).

I have just placed my second supplement order and look forward to seeing continued health improvement.

Thank You for the information on your website and quality products that have proven themselves to me and my ever increasingly happy girl.

One Word — Fantastic


We thought we would write to let you know how our cats are doing on the fresh food diet. In a word — fantastic! We have four feline companions in total, ranging in ages from 5 months to 9 years. All are healthy & full of vigour now. When they were eating canned and dry food they often had diarrhea (we fed vet recommended food), would throw up regularly after meals and had constant problems with hairballs (we brushed them a lot). All that is stopped now. One of our males, part Russian Blue, had recurring FUS (feline urological syndrome). With this natural way of feeding it has completely cleared up. Another remarkable thing is they almost never drink water now (we always leave fresh water out), all they need is provided in their food. We feel a lot better about feeding fresh meat and such rather than man made food with preservatives and chemical additives, etc. We want our cats with us for a long time and feel with this diet they will enjoy lengthy and healthy lives.

Thank you for introducing us to the feeding of fresh wholesome food the way Mother Nature intended. It did take a little while for them (and us) to get used to it, like asking kids not to eat junk food, but now they attack their meals with gusto! Thanks again.

— Lori and Russ

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